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10 Ideas for Living Your Quarantined Life and Making The Most of This Time at Home.

We are living in a time where everyone is practicing social distancing. People are not allowed to go outside without any urgent reason.

While spending more time at home with an unusual routine, you may find yourself in stress and anxiety.
So, what to do with all the time when you are quarantined in your house and you are literally not allowed to meet and greet anyone?

Well, this novel coronavirus brings you the opportunity to work on yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Here are the 10 ideas for relieving stress in these strange times.

There are some easy options:

  • Read good books
  • Home workouts
  • Watch some wonderful movies
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Read long-form articles
  • Online shopping

Working out is naturally proven to reduce stress.

Reading helps with creativity flows

Documentary movies teach about society, education and real life

Here are some other options, which can help you stay focused and productive

1. Take it Slow

You are not alone into this, every other people is going through the same.

Worry and anxiety can raise the stress hormones and leave you feeling tired, burdened and even helpless. Which is not good for the immune system.

2. Take Breaks from Watching the News

We all want to stay up to date with the current situation but there has to be a saturation point.

Most people are News junkie and they spend hours of news each day. If you are too then that’s probably not the healthiest choice these days.

However, the stories on social media are different. Most People are sharing different opinions.

3. Clean The House

Working in mess is a nightmare but sometimes I‌ feel creative while working on a messy desk.

Since these days are not gonna end too early, sitting in a dirty home will not gonna keep you stay positive. So, clean your environment and stay good.

4. Talk to Family & Friends

Nowadays, busy people who were not available for anyone are now working from home and have plenty of time. Use it wisely and spend your time with your family, If you have children then start homeschooling and teach them something new every day. These precious movements are not going to come again. 

Talk to your old friend over social media, because we need to keep communicating with the outside world while we can. 

5. Don’t Work on the Same Thing Too Long

When I work from home, my productivity strength increases. I‌ use different tools that help me focus on my tasks.

Mostly, people who do 9 to 5 jobs are work on the same thing and due to their laziness they don’t change the things or they can’t make it.

Everybody loves change and now it is the right time to work productively.

6. Enjoy The Things You Love

We say we have time but we don’t get enough time to spend on the Hobby

In this social distancing period, do the things which you like most.

It could be painting, drawing, writing, reading, cooking, making music, or a million other things.

7. Sharpen Your Skillset

We are living in a world where knowledge is easily accessible, and usually for free.

And Knowlege is power.

Teach yourself new skills. Youtube is the best platform to start with.

There are plenty of other platforms out there. 

Udemy has many free as well as paid courses available on different skillset.

If you want to learn Code try Codeacademy or Udacity, they also offer free courses

Digital Marketer a premier online community for digital marketing professionals is offering  8 core disciplines of digital marketing certificates for FREE, which usually costs ($95 a month). If you are new to site you can avail for 14 days trial.

There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO. If you want to learn or improve your existing skills then there is good news for you. 

Moz, a SAAS SEO company has open access to Moz Academy courses to support the community. Check this out and use promo code: wegotthis. Valid till 31st May 2020

8. Start a Blog or a Youtube Channel

That’s me. I always wanted to start a blog but I‌ couldn’t able manage my time due to a busy to-do list. Social distancing allowed me to focus on myself and I‌ immediately started working on the pending task and initiated some new ideas including the blog.

Blogging is a great way to express your feelings, publish news and articles. There are also many ways to make money with a blog. 

If you haven’t started yet. Now, it’s time. Check this guide on how you can start a blog the right way? 

Youtube is the second largest search engine after google and people are spending more time on youtube in the pandemic. While spending more time at home you can make small videos, If you are a camera-shy person then you can use your screen to record videos or you can make videos while cooking.

9. Improve The Way You Work

Everyone is working remotely, except for health and administrative workers.

While working remotely from home it is important to use proper tools that could make your stay productive.

There are many tools available on the internet which you can use to manage your work and your workforce.  This guide will help choose the best tools to work online

10. Try Something New

Don’t just sit at home and thinking about the current situation or sleep all day while doing nothing. Plan out something, explore new skills, you can also make objects using recycled materials.

It doesn’t hurt to try something new.

Do What Works Best for You

Not everything works for everyone. Some things work for some people and others work for other people.

Finding what works well for you is one of the most important elements.

These uncertainties will pass but now it’s up to you how you spend the entire time during this period. 

This coronavirus already taught us the value of life and there is more to learn.

Ali Silat

Tech-savvy intenet marketer with having 5 years of experience in digital marketing.

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